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Payment terms and conditions

Payment terms and conditions


A deposit for 30% is required to reserve your space. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Visa, MasterCard American Express credit cards and M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and eWallet PesaPal are accepted for the initial deposit.


You will be invoiced upon making a reservation and full payment is due 90 days prior to the first land day of the trip. Payment is accepted as follows:
  • Credit Card
  • Wire transfer

By proceeding with payment, please read all our guidelines carefully and be sure to check our Peace Of Mind Booking option.

Beside making a payment with the credit card (which is by far the easiest option), you can do a wire transfer too. Below are the details you’ll need to process a direct wire transfer to our account. Please note that using this method, bank charges will be shouldered by the client. Kindly ensure that the final account name is mentioned in the transfer copy. This payment method may take a minimum of 7 business days to complete.

What types of cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

Why is there a 4% charge?

This mode of payment has a 4% bank surcharge that has to be added on top of the original amount. The 4% charge does not come from Nyika Discovery, it is a bank surcharge for credit card transactions.

Why should I make payment using credit card?

Credit card payment is the fastest and easiest method of making payments to us. We can immediately get an approval once the payment was processed. This payment method helps us confirm reservations easily.

How would I know if the credit card payment is successful?

After you input the card details thru the secured site, you’ll see the approval and the online receipt that you must print out for your records. Kindly send us a copy of the payment receipt to confirm your reservation promptly.

What happens if my credit card transaction fails?

If your credit card transaction fails, you may need to contact your bank to authorize payments to Tanzania. Often times, banks may put a caveat to protect their customers from fraudulent transactions in foreign countries.

What's the Bank Details?

If you wish to do a wire transfer, please contact us to get all the necessary details for making the payment.

How do I make a direct wire transfer?

A Direct Wire Transfer can be done thru online banking or by visiting your local bank. It is also imperative that the beneficiary’s account details are accurate to avoid disputes.

How much are bank charges for the beneficiary bank account?

Depending on the bank used to process the wire transfer, approximately $25 – $75 should be kept as a provision for the beneficiary bank account charges.

What's next after the wire transfer was completed?

Once the wire transfer was completed successfully, you’ll need to send us a scanned copy of the transaction confirmation so that we can follow up thru our bank.

What's the turn around time for the payment to get to us?

International Direct Wire Transfer may take up to 7 business day before it gets credited to our account.

Do I require travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you take out all of the necessary Travel Insurance before commencing on your journey.